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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Chrysalis Education Material

Dental implant costs can become confusing.  When comparing costs of different dental implant solutions, it is very important that the patient is aware of the complete cost of the procedure. At Chrysalis Dental Centres, we believe that an educated patient is our best patient. We have prepared a list of questions for you to ask so that you can ensure you are well informed when making this important investment in your health.

Consultation / Examination
What, if anything, is the fee for the initial consultation / examination?
  • Does it include a panoramic xray?
  • Does it include a CT Scan?

  • Will I receive a fully documented letter explaining the procedure, all of the related costs and the timing of the different steps?
  • Will I be heavily involved in the selection of my new teeth (shape / shade etc.)?
  • Will my new teeth be created with my lifestyle and personal preferences in mind?
  • Is there a professional lab on site that can make minor changes for me?
Actual Procedure
  • If I have teeth that need to be removed, can they be removed on the same day the implants are placed?
    • Is there an additional fee for the removal of existing teeth (extractions)?
  • Will bone grafting be required?
    • Which type of bone grafting?
    • Do most patients report it as being painful?
  • What type of sedation will be used? Is the price included?
  • Will a registered nurse be on hand during my surgery?
  • What kind of equipment is on hand to monitor me?
  • Who will be monitoring my vital signs etc. and what training have they received?
Fees – What’s included?
  • Are all of the teeth (crowns, bridges, etc.) included in the price?
  • If I require additional implants, will my fee increase?
  • Are there any secondary phases that are required?
    • Are they included in the price?
    • How soon after the initial surgery will they normally take place?
  • Will transportation and / or hotel accommodations be included in the price?
  • What, if anything, is NOT covered in the price I have received?
Waiting Period
  • Will I ever be without teeth?
  • How long will I have to wait after I receive the dental implants before the teeth can be affixed to them?
    • If the teeth aren’t immediately affixed to the dental implants after the dental implants have been placed, will I have to wear a denture?
      • For how long?
      • Who pays for the denture?
  • How many times has the surgeon performed this particular procedure?
  • May I have a list of several patients that have had this surgery (performed by the same surgeon) that I can call as references?
  • Is a deposit required?
    • How much and when does it need to be paid?
    • When do I need to pay the balance?
  • Can I pay by credit card (some people love to collect points)?
  • Is financing available?
    • If so, at what rate?
    • Is the financing fully open so that I can pay it off at any time without penalty?
Possible Complications – Financial Aspects
  • How often will I have to come back for checkups / cleanings etc.?
    • Is there a cost involved? How much will it be?
Possible Complications – Financial Aspects
  • What if an implant or related part fails?
    • Who pays for replacing it?
    • For how many years?
  • What happens if something else breaks (e.g. teeth break off etc.). How quickly can it be fixed and who pays for it? What happens if it breaks on a weekend?
  • What happens if breakage occurs while I am travelling?
  • What happens if I don’t like the teeth that I receive and I want to make some changes? Who pays for the changes?
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