Gum Bleaching Toronto


Gum Bleaching or Gum Depigmentation in  Toronto

We now also offer Gum Bleaching in our Toronto location.  Our Harvard trained Periodontist in Toronto, Dr. Philip (Phil) Walton, has been performing a procedure known as “gum depigmentation” for many years.  We like to refer to the procedure as “lightening” or “bleaching”.  Look at these before and after photographs illustrating the aesthetic changes produced by this procedure.

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Gum Bleaching Toronto

Gum Depigmentation

Before Gum Bleaching / Gum Depigmentation

Gum Bleaching Toronto

After Gum Bleaching

What is it?

Some people have much darker tissue than other people. The clinical term for this is “hyperpigmentation”.  Our “bleaching” or “lightening” procedure will turn the darker tissue pink.  This procedure usually takes less than one hour.  Although we call it “bleaching” or “lightening”, this is actually a minor surgical procedure that we perform by buffing off a  layer of the darker tissue which is known as melanin.

How much does it cost?

The price for this procedure starts at $750 but will vary depending on the size of the tissue area that needs to be treated.  We offer a free, no obligation, consultation at which time we will be able to confirm the treatment plan.

Is everyone a candidate for this procedure?

People with healthy gums that have good oral hygiene are candidates for this procedure.

Does it hurt?

Patients report minor discomfort for the first few days but are usually able to return to work on the day of the procedure.

Your gums are also part of your smile

Some patients have absolutely gorgeous teeth but they still feel that the colour of their gums makes their smile less beautiful than it could be.  One of the nicest accessories you can have for your teeth are attractive, healthy gums.

We have helped hundreds of patients change the colour of their tissue with our bleaching procedure.

If you dislike the way your smile looks because of dark tissue, it’s time to give us a call and arrange a free, no obligation consultation with our Periodontist to learn more about gum bleaching  in Toronto. Find out whether our procedure is right for you.

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