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Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day is one of the solutions for Calgary dental implants. Conventional dental implant solutions can require invasive surgeries and months of recovery time. Chrysalis Canada’s Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day procedure only takes one day – and you can eat with your brand new teeth the day of your surgery! This innovative procedure is more affordable and more convenient than many other full mouth dental implant restoration techniques.

Many of the patients we have treated in Calgary and the surrounding areas prefer the freedom and comfort of Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day supported by dental implants over traditional removable dentures. You will be able to enjoy and taste your food without worrying about your dentures falling out or food getting under them. Chrysalis Canada’s Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day supported by Dental Implants are more natural feeling and look beautiful. Whether you choose to replace just one arch or both upper and lower arches, we will work with you to create dental implant supported teeth that fit you perfectly and look great.

For more information about our Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day dental implant solutions, contact Chrysalis Dental Centres today!

Calgary Dental Implants at Chrysalis Dental Centres