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Implant Supported Dentures

Conventional Dentures vs. Implant Supported Dentures: The Important Differences

What are the important differences between conventional dentures and implant supported dentures?

False teeth are false teeth, right? Once your natural teeth are gone, it doesn’t matter what you replace them with. Or does it? There are a few options available for replacing teeth. There are two that we will discuss today: traditional dentures or implant-supported dentures. There are some very significant differences between these two techniques. If you keep these differences in mind, you can make the best decision for your lifestyle:

The Differences

Conventional dentures are designed to conform to the shape of your mouth. Your gums and the underlying bone structure support these dentures. The dentures rub against your gums and often create sore spots. Many people feel that a traditional denture is the best option for replacing teeth. These dentures are removable and cleaned outside the mouth.

An implant-supported prosthesis is a denture, which is both retained and supported by four or more dental implants. This means that the denture does not rest on the gums. Rather, it is fixed on implants, which are embedded in bone. Only your dentist will remove the denture for cleaning and examination. Other than that, it stays inside your mouth for life.

Comparing Conventional Dentures vs. Implant Supported Dentures

So, does it matter which denture option you choose? Consider how the differences affect performance. The fact that regular dentures rest on top of the bone and implant dentures do not plays a big role. This is because they affect the bone in different ways.

Regular dentures rub against the gums. Especially in the lower jaw, they have nothing to hold them in place and they are difficult to chew with. The bone shrinks because there are no teeth or implants to stimulate it.

Implant-supported dentures draw strength from the bone. The dental implants that support these dentures are embedded in the bone. This prevents them from slipping and gives them added strength. They do not create sore spots from rubbing against the gums. Dental implants stimulate the bone and, as a result, the bone is far less likely to resorb or shrink.

Conventional dentures do not stimulate the bone. The jawbone will shrink and the shape of your mouth will change. This means that the dentist could have to regularly adjust the denture to fit the shape of your mouth. The lining of the denture sometimes has to be changed to address the sore spots.

Implant-supported dentures aren’t meant to rest on the gums. Instead, the bone anchors them in place. The implants promote bone strength and help prevent the bone from shrinking or resorbing.

What Is Your Long-Term Choice?

Traditional dentures may seem like the best option based on cost, alone. How do they pay off in the long run? The need to have them adjusted can become a burden. You could also suffer from a change in the shape of your smile. Many conventional denture wearers are embarrassed to eat in public. They often avoid social situations. They are afraid to go swimming because they may lose their teeth and not be able to find them. It is hard to associate a cost to this behaviour.

Many people agree that implant-supported dentures are the wisest long-term investment. Why? Because an implant-supported denture can help to preserve the existing bone for a long time. Also, it can give more strength to the bite and enable you to eat the foods you love. Implant-supported dentures need far less maintenance than regular dentures do. For some people, the most important benefit is a huge gain in confidence.

Weigh the facts when considering conventional dentures vs. implant supported dentures for replacing missing teeth. Learn more about how an implant-supported denture is right for you. Make an appointment with Chrysalis Dental Centres today!

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