Dental Implant Benefits

Overlooked Benefits of Dental Implants

It feels like you’ve heard it all when it comes to dental implants. Implants do look nice and help you enjoy your favorite foods. But the benefits of the permanent tooth replacements go far beyond the obvious.

Here are a few surprising ways your body can benefit from your smile getting dental implants:

Improve Your Nutrition with Implants

It’s easy to take eating for granted. Being able to properly chew your food affects the nutrition of your body. The best way to take in vitamins and essential nutrients is by getting them from their natural sources. Fresh fruits and vegetables, hearty whole grains, and nuts are examples of nutritious foods.

But it’s no easy feat to chew a raw carrot or almonds with a denture.

A dental implant or two could be the key to improving your diet. After getting implants, you’ll likely find that your digestion and nutrition will improve.

Implants Are More Hygienic Than a Removable Prostheses

Did you know that single implants are easier to maintain than a removable prosthesis?

Because a dental implant becomes part of your mouth, it doesn’t come out. It gets cleaned right along with your other teeth when you brush and floss. On the other hand, dentures are prone to getting damaged, developing small scratches, and harboring bacteria. You don’t have to worry about a fungal infection with a dental implant the way you would if you forgot to take your denture out at night.

Keep Your Other Teeth Healthy

It’s very important to have a complete smile in proper alignment. The shape and positioning of your teeth ensure that they wear properly and don’t harbor food buildup between meals. You don’t need much more than regular flossing and normal brushing to keep a full set of teeth healthy.

Dental Implants can complete your smile and keep your oral hygiene routine simple, and prevent shifting or abnormal wear of your adjacent teeth.

Preserve the Shape of Your Smile

Because a dental implant acts like a tooth root, it can help strengthen the bone in your jaw. A tooth root stimulates the bone tissue to reinforce itself. In this way, an implant could keep shrunken gaps out of your smile, or a collapsing facial profile.

Cut Back on Dental Restoration Appointments

Just about every dental restoration will need replacement at some point. The crowns of dental bridges usually fitted over natural teeth are still prone to decay around them. Dentures and partials will need adjusting to fit the changes in your mouth. But as long as you keep your implant clean, a dental implant should serve you for far longer than any other option available.

As you can see, the benefits of dental implants are far-reaching. You’ve got nothing to lose by exploring the possibility of these permanent tooth replacements. In fact, you just might stand to gain a whole lot!

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