Dark Gums – Can They Be Changed?

What Causes Dark Gums and Can They Be Changed?

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Many patients wish they had a smile that includes pearly-white teeth and coral pink gums. A lot of people are self-conscious about having darker gums. Gums can even have a mottled color pattern.  What causes gums to show up in darker shades? If this bothers you, what can you do about it?

Gum lightening here at Chrysalis Dental Centres could help you achieve your dream smile. Can this procedure benefit your gums? Find out more by investigating what causes black gums.

Dark Gums, Naturally
Did you know that your gums contain pigment just like your skin does? Just as skin colour comes in a variety of shades, gums do too. It’s even possible to have speckles of melanin on your gums, just like freckles! There tends to be a higher level of pigment in the gums of individuals with darker skin.
If your gums are dark because of genetics, then you don’t need to be concerned. They can be dark and perfectly healthy! But if you want the classic pink look, pigmented gums can be safely lightened.

Lifestyle Influences
Some external factors can affect the colour of your gums. The medication you take can alter your gum colour. Smoking also plays a big role in changing how your gums look. If you want to change the colour of your gums, you might need to limit the factor that coloured them in the first place. Talk with your doctor about possibly changing medications.
Now is a great time to cut out smoking! Quitting will help your gums recover from the procedure and keep their lighter colour.

When Black Gums Are Dangerous
Sometimes, the cause for darkened gums comes from within. Discolouration could be a sign of a serious form of gum disease. Gum disease can occur in an acute form. This results in the gum tissue dying at a rapid rate. If oral disease is what’s causing your gums to look unhealthy, then they are unhealthy! Before you can correct the colour, you need to address the problem at its source.

Change the Colour of Your Black Gums
Gum bleaching or lightening is actually a surgical procedure, not a chemical one. A skilled gum specialist will treat you while you are numb with a local anesthetic. Sedation is also available if you are generally nervous at dental appointments.
At your gum bleaching consultation we will discuss:
• Your current gum health
• Treatment for gum disease
• Cost
• The recovery process

The Chrysalis Dental Centres team believes that all smiles are beautiful! But you may want to express your confidence and style by redesigning your smile. If that’s the case, consider gum bleaching!
Schedule a visit with our team at Chrysalis Dental Centres. Find out what causes black gums by having a personalized consultation. We’ll help you find a solution for dealing with this common problem.

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